The Great Order is the moniker for Jared George’s music.

It’s solidly rooted in rock songwriting and stands up when played solo on an acoustic guitar–but the synergy of various influences and current record production creates a sound that’s unmistakably of the moment.

Weaving the ancient with the futuristic, The Great Order songs often feature novel chord progressions and catchy melodies, powered by attitude-laden electric guitars and warm synths, at times foreboding, sensuous, or playful.

It’s the aural equivalent of somehow combining the flowing, nature-based paintings of last century’s Art Nouveau era with the modern, geometric, technology-driven aesthetic of the following Art Deco period.

Songs are currently being released on a rolling, “magazine style” schedule, one at a time.



About the single,  “Horizon”

On June 2nd, 2021, the third single from The Great Order, Horizon, was released.

A video followed on September 3rd.

A swirl of guitars, synthesizers, and layered voices, it’s been compared to a harder rocking Beach Boys meets Pink Floyd.

Sections alternate between intricate dreaminess and fast-driving momentum, culminating in a hypnotic outro.

The lyrics speak to a positive vision, a new day, to  life and love revived, and yet leaves plenty of room for mystery and interpretation.


About the single, “Someone to Know”

“Someone To Know” is the debut single from The Great Order, and so it had to introduce the sounds and approaches of the project without sounding cluttered.

The goal was to combine guitar and synth, lighthearted musical touches with dark harmonic shifts, a driving beat punctuated by a swirling, psychedelic middle section, catchy hooks with substance.

Classic rock influences are on display alongside electronic, forward-looking sounds that make the song feel at once comfortable and current.

While Jared likes to leave plenty of room for the listeners’ interpretation of lyrics, “Someone To Know” clearly speaks to the need we all have for connecting with others and feeling understood.

Written in latter 2020 when many were facing changes and challenges that had us feeling isolated and uncertain, the song offers a pertinent theme of outreach and empathy.